• Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Name3sense Inc.
Est.January 17, 2019
Office#204 2-9-13 mita, meguro-ku Tokyo
MissionTo create a world where people are future-minded, have respect for each other, and feel happiness in the truest sense.
Our Vision Our mission is to create a world where people are future-minded, have respect for each other, and feel happiness in the truest sense.

Our Culture
1. Be proactive: rather than think of reasons why things can’t be done, find a way to do them.
2. Respect people: respect the values of our customers and partners and give thanks for our coexistence.
3. Believe: believe in our own potential.
4. Feel: manage our own emotions to achieve high goals, empathize with and be empathized by others
5. Imagine: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world”- Albert Einstein.
Business Domain Business associated with the pursuit of true happiness in human life. – Study and research of human senses (e.g. taste, smell) and emotions, marketing and service development support, consulting, product development, sales and distributor operations, hosting of seminars and events for knowledge sharing, and other related online information services

Our Team

Mika Kobaru [President and CEO]
Founded 3sense as a spin-off of Littlesoftware Inc. At Littlesoftware was CMCO (Chief Marketing & Creative Officer) with responsibility for implementing sales and marketing. Also worked on investigation and research / creative for user interface and experience, information architecture, and planning, design, proposal and implementation of marketing communications. Graduated from Musashino Art University, and in psychology from Musashino University. Member of the Japanese Psychological Association.

*************[Specialist Adviser on Bioengineering (Neuroscience)]
Provides support to 3sense on brain wave monitors, and also brain wave data analysis and engineering issues. Presently, works in areas related to big data analysis and deep learning at a major automobile maker. Completed PhD in bio-systems engineering at the Hokkaido University Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering. PhD research at Hokkaido University covered medical devices for brain measurement, such as electroencephalography, magnetoencephalography and MRI.

Yoshiko Aihara [ Specialist Taste Adviser]
As a specialist adviser, provides support to 3sense mainly on taste (and smell). Presently an assistant professor giving classes in applied biological chemistry at Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University. Was a research fellow at the Graduate School of Life Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Tokyo, before serving as an associate for R&D at the Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland. Then became an assistant professor at Kobe University. Areas of specialization are agricultural chemistry, food chemistry, molecular biology, neuroscience and behavioral physiology.